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AMT Tech Report: Issue #251

Collaboration = manufacturing. Check your chips. Who doesn’t like new materials? 5G in manufacturing. We are living in the future.
Mar 17, 2023

Don’t ask whether you can do something, but how to do it.

– Adele Goldberg

1. Collaboration = Manufacturing

Most software and applications have shifted to a cloud presence. As manufacturing paradigms embrace this ecosystem, we will see an increase in shared resources, collaborate more effectively, and reduce waste. Applying lean principles to the engineering process is a dream of mine. Let’s nerd out together.

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2. Check Your Chips

Ever wonder if your subtractive processes are at peak performance? You will be surprised what chips can tell you – they can even help identify potential problems in the machining process, allowing for necessary adjustments. Also, let me know your favorite chip. Mine is Utz’s Sour Cream & Onion.

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3. Who Doesn’t Like New Materials?

This materials science development hits all my sweet spots: engineering challenges, resilient end product, and increased sustainability for the entire life cycle. In the future, further research and developments in the materials science field may lead to advancing technologies and products that can revolutionize our lives.

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4. 5G in Manufacturing

5G is still trying to feel its way into manufacturing – and I’m still skeptical of this technology’s importance. Although, I am starting to see more value as remote technologies continue to grow and gain acceptance. Either way, I am glad I can stream some “Road Trippin’ with Steve” on the shop floor faster.

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5. We Are Living in the Future

The world’s greatest fleet just became a little cooler. For a long time, we dreamed of additive manufacturing at the point of use. Well, the Navy is doing it. They put a hybrid machine on an amphibious assault ship. This technology will allow the Navy to create parts quickly, reducing the need to transport parts to the ship and save time and money.

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Benjamin Moses
Director, Technology
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