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AMT Tech Report: Issue #256

The (robot) arms (space) race, Robo-overview, Is a robot with a knife really safe?, Pittsburgh’s robotics plan, Silicon solid state electrostatic drivers.
Apr 21, 2023

Truth may be vital, but without love, it is unbearable.

– Anthony McCarten, "The Two Popes"

1. The (Robot) Arms (Space) Race 

PickNik Robotics and Motiv Space Systems are partnering to take advantage of the new opportunity of in-space servicing, assembly, and manufacturing. PickNik is developing advanced robotics control software, and Motiv is designing and manufacturing space-rated robotic systems, motor controllers, and mechanisms. Together, they are working to solve the challenges of space manufacturing through the integration of PickNik's MoveIt Studio technology for robot arm control and Motiv's xLink robot arms.  

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2. Robo-Overview 

Here’s an overview of CNC robotics and its potential for manufacturing parts. The article explains the basics of CNC machining, the advantages of CNC robotics, and the components and materials that it can manufacture. It also discusses the potential of integrating CNC machines with automation and provides some examples of CNC robot brands and machines. Finally, it discusses the future of CNC robotics and its implications for different sectors. 

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3. Is a Cobot With a Knife Really Safe? 

Cobots have become increasingly popular in metal fabs. They look nonthreatening and can replace manual tasks involving small, low-payload situations. However, because cobots are not inherently safe, it’s important to remember that eliminating safeguarding shouldn’t be the goal of cobots; rather, safety should be assessed for each application according to industry-accepted safety standards. 

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4. Pittsburgh’s Robotics Plan  

Pittsburgh Acting Secretary of Community and Economic Development Rick Siger wants local robotics companies to manufacture materials they need in Western Pennsylvania rather than outsourcing them. He is also pushing for an aggressive, competitive agenda to attract and retain companies and to help blighted areas with programs such as the Whole-Home Repairs Program, which provides grants to income-qualified homeowners of up to $50,000 for repairs, energy efficiency, weatherization, and other projects.  

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5. Silicon Solid State Electrostatic Drivers   

Listen, as you can see, the manufacturing industry news this week has been rather robotics-heavy … So it’s time to get all nerdy about some audiophile tech! You know how semiconductor manufacturing is reshoring? Welp, some of them chip manufacturers could be producing some hi-fi silicon! I’ll save the technicalities because I’m running out of space, but take my word for it – these slick new IEM (earbud) drivers (speakers) are, in fact, a legendary (and prohibitively expensive) type of driver known as electrostatic! 

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Stephen LaMarca
Technology Analyst
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