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AMT Tech Report: Issue #259

Roboangelo. AI is so big it needs 7 research institutes. Raspberry Pi on steroids. Exhaustion? No. Errors? Rarely, but yes. Captain planet is a LIAR!
May 12, 2023

“Machine learning is like money laundering for bias.”

– Maciej Ceglowski

1. Roboangelo

Robotor is a passionate Italian startup that marries robotics with AI to birth sculpture. A robot arm is guided by proprietary software OR-OS, which can generate an optimized workflow and tool paths from a 3D model, creating previously inconceivable sculptures. The company has worked with world-renowned artists such as Barry X Ball and even created a replica of the Arch of Palmyra after its destruction by ISIS. Robotor hopes to revolutionize the sculpture-making process and usher in a new era of art.

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2. AI Is So Big It Needs 7 Research Institutes

The U.S. National Science Foundation, in collaboration with other federal agencies and higher education institutions, announced a $140 million investment to establish seven new National Artificial Intelligence Research Institutes. These institutes will advance foundational AI research that promotes ethical and trustworthy AI systems and technologies, develop novel approaches to cybersecurity, climate change, our understanding of the brain, education, and public health.

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3. Raspberry Pi on Steroids

The industry has used Arduinos and single-board computers (SBCs) like the Raspberry Pi and BeagleBone Black. But what if you need an SBC with the muscle for multiple high bandwidth data streams, sensor feed implementation, and cost isn’t an issue (because it costs five to ten times an RPi or BBB)? Then the LattePanda Sigma is for you! This micro-workstation features 12 cores, 16 threads, 16GB RAM, 500GB storage, dual 2.5Gn NICs, dual 10Gb USB, dual 40Gb Thunderbolt, and is ready for any of your 5G I4.0+ needs!

Watch video here.

4. Exhaustion? No. Errors? Rarely, but Yes.

No, this robot didn't collapse from exhaustion after a long day's work. The incident took place during a four-day demonstration in which the manufacturer hoped to show the product's "99% success rate." The robot fell down several times during the demonstration due to a software bug or minor sensor error that was easily repaired. The company has stated that the robot does not have human intent and does not make decisions on its own.

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5. Captain Planet Is a LIAR!

According to a recent study, the current methods of recycling plastics may be inadvertently creating more microplastics, which can pose a more serious threat to the environment. The team of environmental engineers that conducted the study suggests that more research should be done to find ways to reduce the creation of more microplastics and that better filtration systems should be introduced to try and curtail the amount of plastic particles being released into the environment.

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Stephen LaMarca
Technology Analyst
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