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IMTS+ Live at the Show

In the booths, on the main stage, in the sky, and on the show floor.
Nov 25, 2022

Whether you’re still basking in the post-IMTS glow or itching to do it all again, we’re sure you’ll agree that IMTS was quite a show! And the IMTS+ team captured it all with reporters, camera crews, and writers at every turn.

You’ve seen the numbers. IMTS was large, well-attended, and brimming with innovations and educational opportunities. But no matter how dedicated you might be, you couldn’t have seen it all!

Don’t worry. The IMTS+ team was everywhere – gathering insights, capturing awe-inspiring moments, and documenting an industry busy growing. Here are just a few snippets that capture the magic of IMTS and the manufacturing technology community. Tune in to watch and read at IMTS.com/plus.

In the Booths (IMTS.com/ShowFloor)

“Our focus has been not just to do additive, but to instead really integrate additive – to be a bridge to conventional manufacturing. This is the digital future of manufacturing technology.” – Jason Jones, Co-Founder and CEO, Hybrid Manufacturing Technology

“We have a big variety of customers – from little mom-and-pop shops that have a couple of machines and start out in their garage, to large customers like General Electric and Pratt & Whitney. Everybody needs different levels of customer care, and we provide that." – Markus Stolmar, President and CEO, United Grinding

“We are totally obsessed with precision and reliability. We take big things, like a lot of the big machines here at IMTS, and we try to make them small, affordable, and accessible.” – Bre Pettis, Owner and CEO, Bantam Tools

“My partners and I owned a machine shop for 17 years, and we needed some software, but we just couldn’t find anything on the market we thought was worth buying, so we decided to build something ourselves. We never intended to sell it to anyone else, but here we are.” – Paul Van Metre, Senior Education Marketing Specialist, ProShop

On the Main Stage (IMTS.com/MainStage)

“Now is the time that builders in America can get going. We’ve got makers all across the country ready to bring manufacturing back close to the source of demand. Siemens stands ready with the tech to do it.” – Barbara Humpton, President and CEO, Siemens Corporation

“The world moves forward and progresses because of the work that manufacturers do – the work that we do here at IMTS.” – Dr. Jeffrey Ahrstrom, CEO, Ingersoll Machine Tool

“The automotive industry transformed society in a little more than a decade. At Boston Dynamics, we feel we are at the same pivot point for robotics being introduced into our daily lives – not only robotics in manufacturing, but also in how we work, play, and live. There could not be a more exciting time to be in the robotics industry.” – Eric Foellmer, Vice President of Marketing, Boston Dynamics

In the Sky (IMTS.com/InTheSky)

“We are never satisfied with anything we build. Within minutes of flying, there will be stuff we want to tweak and change. Thanks to additive, we can change the CAD design, and, in a week’s time, we will be testing it again. It is an endless, relentless, curious journey to make it better.” – Richard Browning, Founder and Chief Test Pilot, Gravity Industries

In the aisles (IMTS.com/ShowFloor)

“Everything here will help me in this business … That’s the beautiful thing about the show – all the new innovations that you get to find.” – Matt Spicuzza, Sales Engineer, Meredith Machinery

“I am into software, and there is so much cool and exciting stuff here. I hope to bring some of this technology back to India and help the companies back home with collaborations.” – Praful Satasia, Founder and CEO, Ariprus Digicon

“Watching these million-dollar machines up close and personal is quite interesting.” – Josh Lifshitz, Account Manager, Globe Metal Company

“It is helpful to see what you are going to work on after graduation. It is also amazing to meet owners and engineers.” – Abdulazis Alhindi, Student, Illinois Institute of Technology

Michelle Edmonson, CEM
Vice President, Exhibitions
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