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Introducing e-MT Sales Fundamentals

Since 2010, the MT Sales Fundamentals workshop has been one of the most popular and effective education and professional development programs that we deliver to AMT member companies for sales professionals.  
Mar 12, 2021

Since 2010, the MT Sales Fundamentals workshop has been one of the most popular and effective education and professional development programs that we deliver to AMT member companies for sales professionals.  

MT Sales Fundamentals is facilitated by Steve Lesnewich, AMT Vice President, Member Services. Steve incorporates much of the selling experience he gained through the “school of hard knocks” and his years working among some of our industry’s notable sales leaders and in sales and executive leadership at companies like SMW Systems, Daewoo, Doosan, and Samsung. 

Over the years, hundreds of professionals have participated in the MT Sales Fundamentals workshop. Participants ranged from people who had been newly hired into our industry, to some who were enjoying a refresher course in the fundamentals, to those who were moving from a role in service or marketing to a role in sales. 

In the workshop, participants learn: 

  • The fundamentals of selling and the art of relationship building 

  • The ability to develop an effective elevator pitch 

  • The Six Step Process of Sales for the manufacturing technology industry, including: 

    • Prospecting/Cold-Calling/Phone Qualification 

    • Shop Tour & Survey 

    • Verification 

    • Justification 

    • Product Presentation 

    • Commitment  

Because the format of MT Sales Fundamentals is so interactive, we have always limited the class size to no more than 12 to 14 participants despite its popularity. In an effort to meet student interest, we have been working on a way to deliver the class in an on-demand, online format but keep engagement and interactivity high. 

We were already in the process of developing the online version of MT Sales Fundamentals when the pandemic hit, but we didn’t want to speed up the development just to get the class online more quickly. The instructional design process to convert an in-person workshop into an e-learning course is not as simple and straightforward as you might think – especially when your audience is used to a high level of engagement in the learning process. 

Following a “soft launch” to some select AMT member companies whose salespeople have previously experienced MT Sales Fundamentals, and after reviewing the outcomes of our beta subscriber experiences, we are excited to announce the launch of MT Sales Fundamentals online to all AMT members.   

For more information and to register for the e-MT Sales Fundamentals course, click here. The class consists of about three hours of instruction and includes work to be completed by the subscriber at the end of the class in order for them to receive their Certificate of Completion. E-MTSF is available to subscribers on demand, so they can stop and save their progress in the class at any time. Once the learning is completed, subscribers simply submit their Elevator Pitch and their Powerpoint presentation to us for review. 

While we do hope to be able to conduct the in-person workshop again at some time in 2021, e-MTSF is the best and fastest way for members to learn the fundamentals that every sales professional needs as a foundation for selling successfully in our industry. 

Register today or contact Greg Jones at gjones@AMTonline.org or Catherine Ross at cross@AMTonline.org or MTSF@AMTonline.org for more information.  

Greg Jones
Vice President, Smartforce Development
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