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MTForecast Conference Gives Expert Perspective on Growing Industry Potential

To provide insight into growing industries such as aerospace, semiconductor, and energy, AMT – The Association For Manufacturing Technology will bring together industry experts to share sales opportunities at MTForecast, held Oct. 12-14.
Oct 05, 2022

Forecasts indicate the top growing industries that manufacturing technology companies can focus on are aerospace, semiconductor, automotive, medical, and energy. To help understand the potential for sales opportunities in these markets, AMT – The Association For Manufacturing Technology has selected experts to share in-depth industry information at MTForecast, held Oct. 12-14 in St. Louis.

“It’s hard to keep track of the latest trends in the hottest end-user markets, so we’ve identified leading industry experts to provide a deep dive into what's happening in their industries and how it may impact sales for the manufacturing technology industry,” says Chris Downs, Director of Audience Development at AMT.

MTForecast speaker Melanie Lang, FormAlloy Co-Founder and CEO, develops disruptive technology that delivers the future of additive manufacturing – creating high-value components with superior performance. She will talk about the current ecosystem for large scale additive manufacturing, the broad range of additive technologies available, and applications for metal additive manufacturing.

“When deciding whether to use additive manufacturing, it's important to look at the specific application and its requirements to drive that additive technology selection,” Lang says. “Just like in traditional manufacturing, there are certain processes and materials in additive that are the best fit for each part being made. There’s no single AM solution that works for every application.”

Speaker Tanya Bodell, Executive Director at Energyzt and Partner at StoneTurn, has more than 25 years of business advisory experience in energy industry matters. At MTForecast 2022, she will help make sense of volatile energy prices and the potential impact of the recently-passed Inflation Reduction Act, which aims to reduce energy prices by spending billions of dollars on alternative energy technologies.

“Energy markets are going crazy in the U.S. and around the world, creating new business opportunities for manufacturing,” Bodell says. “New alternative energy initiatives have the potential to provide growth that lasts for the next decade.”

For more details about MTForecast and to register to attend, visit the website.

Kathy Keyes Webster
Managing Editor – Content
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