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The Manufacturing World in a Word

To make a long manufacturing story short, we asked industry leaders to summarize manufacturing technology in just one word in our new series “The World According To…” presented by IMTS+.
Apr 16, 2024

To make a long manufacturing story short, we asked industry leaders to summarize manufacturing technology in just one word in our new series “The World According To…” presented by IMTS+.

The words of these visionaries – Speed, Excitement, Continuous, Change, Promising, Optimistic, Digital Transformation, Technology and Training, Integrity, Opportunity, and Disruption – shine an optimistic light on the future of manufacturing. With a combined experience exceeding half a millennium, these leaders represent a who’s who of the manufacturing technology world.

“Our goal with ‘The World According To…’ is to capture insight from the people guiding our industry as we head into IMTS 2024. These leaders have innate understanding of how technology, trends, and the world’s macro issues converge to shape our lives,” says Peter Eelman, chief experience officer at AMT. “Viewers will learn that the steady hand of leadership produces a compelling sense of untapped opportunities. The world is moving at supersonic speeds, and these leaders show us how they stay ahead of the curve.”

Here are just a few highlights from the videos that are now available on IMTS+ at IMTS.com/World-According-To…

“I believe that EVs are a disruptive technology. For many of us in the machine tool business, where you’re going from thousands of parts that are machined to hundreds, that really does create a change in our thinking.” — Jim King, president and COO of Okuma America Corp.

“Customers need higher accuracies, faster speeds, more throughput, more reliability. If you don't have a product that's flexible, you really do your customers a disservice.” — Larry Robbins, president-commercial division at SMW Autoblok Corp.

“My vision is a world where there's a continuous pipeline of young, excited, energetic, skilled folks entering manufacturing in North America.” — Dan Janka, president of Mazak and chairman of the board at AMT.

“Change is inevitable, so we must adapt. We must embrace the change and look for what’s coming. The progress behind change is a very attractive thing.” — Mike Defer, president and CEO of JTEKT Machinery Americas Corp

And stay tuned as the next set of industry visionaries are released on IMTS+:

From automation to AI to digital technologies, a theme emerges as manufacturing visionaries use terms that describe an unstoppable forward movement – a world of “positive” unending motion. Catch the spirit of “The World According To…” presented by IMTS+. Keep an eye out at IMTS 2024, September 9-14, 2024, to meet and greet these leaders driving our industry forward. Register at IMTS.com/Register.

Bonnie Gurney
Vice President, Strategic Content & Partnerships
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