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By Greg JonesMay 10, 2022

Re-thinking Your Industry Advisory Council Model

A working model for IT advisory councils has been developed that can easily be adopted to manufacturing: The Business and Industry Leadership Teams initiative prescribes seven common-sense tactics for a successful partnership between industry and academia.

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By Michelle EdmonsonApr 20, 2022

IMTS Network Original Premiere Event of the 'Manufacturing Explorers' Show

On, be the first to hear the scoop and watch Season Two of the hit show “Manufacturing Explorers.” Get a preview of all the places this father-son duo visited as they investigated manufacturing’s positive impact on the future of renewable energy.

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By Chris CzarnikApr 19, 2022

Invigorate Your Hiring Process

Has finding qualified employees become an all-consuming headache for your company? If you answered yes, you must attend recruiting expert Chris Czarnik’s presentation on proven strategies for attracting talent at AMT’s 2022 MFG Meeting, April 27-30.

10m read
By Stephen LaMarcaApr 01, 2022

AMT Tech Report: Issue #201

Coming to a 3D printer near you: machine monitoring. What happened to augmented reality? Oh snap! We heard back from AR! Polymer fiber-reinforced cement. BMW's new SC press shop.

5m read
By Benjamin MosesMar 23, 2022

Is Augmented Reality Still a Thing?

Has augmented reality gone the way of Google Glass? Find out how manufacturers have been implementing this useful technology in design, assembly, and training processes to great success – and where there may be limitations.

5m read
By Catherine “Cat” RossMar 15, 2022

West Virginia’s Stellar Apprentice Program Deploys Skilled Apprentices Across America

West Virginia’s Advanced Manufacturing Technology Center is a strategic resource helping manufacturers provide pre-apprenticeships, registered apprenticeship programs, and high-tech training for new and incumbent employees.

7m read
By Amber ThomasFeb 10, 2022

AMT Releases Updated Manufacturing Mandate

AMT recently updated its Manufacturing Mandate, which outlines our legislative and policy recommendations to strengthen U.S. manufacturing. AMT uses this document in discussions with government officials and staff ...

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By Greg JonesOct 14, 2021

Pathways to a Globally Competitive Sales Team

For sales leaders, the CMTSE program provides a ready solution to management by objectives (MBOs) and a useful key performance indicator (KPI) for each of your salespeople.

6m read
By Vanesa PowersSep 16, 2021

Transforming to New Data Systems

In the age of digital manufacturing, data systems have become more critical. The migration to these services from physical or existing digital systems requires thorough planning and a solid connection to business processes.

7m read
By Benjamin MosesAug 16, 2021

AMT Tech Trends: Made On Earth

Ben and Steve wrap up their thoughts on the Tokyo Olympics. Stephen starts a discussion with Benjamin regarding “made in the USA.” Ben transitions to cybersecurity and cyber-physical attacks on the manufacturing industry.

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