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AMT Tech Report: Issue #177

10 examples of 3D printing recycled plastic. Additive makes a positive impact on society. First manufacturing day in Houston. China’s 3D-printed park. Robotic carpentry.
Sep 24, 2021

“Never try to fool children. They expect nothing and therefore see everything.”

Harry Houdini

1. 10 Examples of 3D Printing Recycled Plastic

This is a great listicle, but my favorite part is the second section of the introduction that covers distributed recycling and additive manufacturing (DRAM… mmm, Scotch whisky) and goes into detail about what it takes to make additive material from plastic waste. Could this eradicate the issue of limited material availability? I sure hope so!

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2. Additive Makes a Positive Impact on Society

Forbes consulted 17 experts for their choice and opinion of what technologies have influenced the greater good, and additive made the cut! “The processes involved enable highly flexible development through manufacturing techniques that use less material while creating stronger, more durable products thanks to input from sophisticated AI programs.”

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3. First Manufacturing Day in Houston

Houston, we have a problem. You mean to tell me #youpeople have never celebrated a Manufacturing Day before? No wonder space exploration has gone private! Well, you are in for a treat. Manufacturing Day is the first Friday in October, and this year, Houston, Texas, is taking it seriously!

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4. China’s 3D-Printed Park

Man, I think this is pretty cool. No, it’s nothing high speed like a race car chassis or a single-sided swing arm of the latest liter bike; it’s just some park in China. If I see one more 3D-printed foot bridge, or an additive compost bin, or a wonky-shaped extruded planter, I’m taking a sabbatical until the end of the year. (That’s a lie. I can’t get enough of this stuff!) An entire park, though? I like that.

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5. Robotic Carpentry

I know, I know. Carpentry? In this industry? Well, at least at AMT, we really like to keep it to metalworking … and plastics, ceramics, composites, and sometimes glass. Point is: Woodworking’s not really our thing. After all, sawdust is a fire hazard! But it looks like the recent advances in robot arms is taking woodworking by storm! Who likes sanding anyway? Give it to the bots!

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Stephen LaMarca
Technology Analyst
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