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AMT Tech Report: Issue #280

Did the NFL become safe? Metrology moves to outside the walls. Agh! There are robots in the computer. Let's get metaverse, metaverse. Who doesn't think trains are cute?
Oct 06, 2023

Yesterday I dared to struggle. Today, I dare to win.

– Bernadette Devlin

1. Did the NFL Become More Safe?

Playing football was once my passion. But three concussions and two dislocations later, I realize it is not for 43-year-old Ben. For those who can play, new helmet protections through additive processes may decrease the number and severity of traumatic head injuries.  

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2. Metrology Moves to Outside the Walls

Managing suppliers can be a tedious process of walking the floor to see where parts are in their process and manually sharing updates with vendors and customers. Even worse is them getting mad at you for telling them you’re going to be late. I already gave you updates; now you want it on time? Come on! Anyway, metrology data is a new leverage point to understand process, movement, and decision-making that can help clarify and meet customer expectations. Increasing your on-time deliver will get you the fastest ROI.  

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3. Let's Get Metaverse, Metaverse

I wanna get metaverse. Metrology data needs a home. While it won't be with Olivia Newton-John, it might find one in the metaverse, which could drive digital twins, remote collaboration, and advanced training based on real-world datasets. While the metaverse has some growing up to do, you can prepare for the future by defining use cases where sharing and visualizing data has value.  

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4. Who Doesn't Think Trains Are Cute?

Everyone loves a train traveling through a picturesque countryside. Well, now that comforting image is even more perfect with the inclusion of maintenance facilities using additive processes to repair and replace parts. Considering the variety of parts, ranging from interior to exterior, it makes sense to stock powder and raw material. 

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Benjamin Moses
Director, Technology
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