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IMTS: ‘Adventures with: Peter, Travis & Nicole’ — an EMO Show Report

EMO is often considered the IMTS of Europe. With that in mind, IMTS wanted to give the North American audience a view of EMO through three different perspectives.
Dec 01, 2023

How does the European market look relative to the United States? Are they facing some of the same challenges in workforce development? What about technology introduction? And what is so different about a big trade show in Europe versus IMTS?

To explore business and cultural differences, tune in to “Adventures with: Peter, Travis & Nicole,” a new IMTS+ video miniseries that is part business and part travel vlog. This video digs into those questions during a trip to the EMO show, which took place in Hannover, Germany, this September. You can find all the “Adventures with:” videos on IMTS+ at IMTS.com/AdventuresEMO and on the IMTS LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram pages.

EMO is often considered the IMTS of Europe. With that in mind, IMTS wanted to give the North American audience a view of EMO through three different perspectives. Our series features IMTS rock star Nicole Wolter, president and CEO of HM Manufacturing and chairperson of the Technology and Machining Association, visiting EMO for the first time; Travis Egan, AMT’s chief revenue officer, who works closely with AMT members and OEMs; and me, Peter Eelman, AMT’s chief experience officer and IMTS show boss since 1996.

Similarities and Differences

We connect with companies and people that are familiar to IMTS audiences, including:

  • Mike Cicco, president and CEO of FANUC America Corp.

  • Brendt Holden, president of HAIMER USA

  • Gisbert Ledvon, vice president of marketing at HEIDENHAIN North America

  • Alexander Zoller, president of ZOLLER Inc.

  • Jelle De Roovere, managing director at RoboJob GmbH

  • Barbara Colombo, CEO of FICEP Spa and president of UCIMU-SISTEMI PER PRODURRE, the Italian association of manufacturers of machine tools, robots, and automation systems

Here are some highlights and insights offered in these EMO adventures:

  • Even though Germany is renowned for its tradition of skilled trade apprenticeships, Germany and Europe also have the same labor challenges as the United States.

  • To address the issue, EMO has a big focus on digitalization, robotics, and extending automation beyond the machine (much like IMTS). Each episode of “Adventures with:” features new equipment that addresses these issues.

  • One of the themes from EMO is companies placing a greater emphasis on reducing their carbon footprint. A particular machine launched at EMO may have the same features as one introduced at IMTS, but in Europe, a reduction in energy consumption is a bigger selling point.

  • Women leaders in manufacturing face similar challenges as they build their careers. Nicole Wolter’s conversation with Barbara Colombo is a must-watch interview for aspiring young women in manufacturing. Visit IMTS.com/EMOWomenLeaders to watch now.

Building Relationships

European trade shows emphasize socializing. Many exhibitors have a sit-down biergarten or cafe. Larger exhibitors may even offer a full lunch service. You may discuss business during lunch but recognize that Europeans value relationships. They take the opportunity to get to know people at shows like EMO, so don’t pass up an opportunity to linger over an espresso. If you happen to enjoy beer, raise a glass and toast your business companion with a hearty “ein prosit!” (A toast!)

Cheers to Future Adventurers

If you’re interested in international trade shows and learning more about the European manufacturing industry and newly introduced products, tune in to sip, savor, and explore more “Adventures with:” episodes on IMTS+ at IMTS.com/AdventuresEMO.

IMTS 2024 Exhibitors: See You in Chicago

We’re looking forward to seeing you at McCormick Place in Chicago on Jan. 30-31, 2024, for the IMTS 2024 Exhibitor Workshop. Complimentary to all exhibitors, this event is your opportunity to meet with IMTS staff and vendors to maximize your investment. There are tracks for operations, sales, and marketing staff. Register at IMTS.com/Workshop.

To read the rest of the Economics Issue of MT Magazine, click here.

Peter R. Eelman
Chief Experience Officer
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