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IMTS+: People. Connections. Inspiration.

IMTS+ is the new, expanded digital content platform for manufacturing technology. Featuring original series, videos, articles, and webinars, IMTS+ takes you behind the machines to meet the people just like you who drive the manufacturing industry forward.
Apr 05, 2022

Do you want to get to know the people behind the technology? Do you want to join a true community of makers and doers? Do you live for new tech? Well, IMTS + is a digital channel made for you.

IMTS+ is the new digital content platform for manufacturing – delivering stories about the real people who make up the manufacturing technology industry. IMTS+ is a space for connections and inspirations. It is also a destination that the IMTS community can access 24/7, 365 days a year. It is the IMTS event you know and love – without walls and without limits.

IMTS+ users can watch videos, read articles, and join live events. The channel features:

  • Six Network Original Series focusing on everything from the human stories that create manufacturing innovation to the technologiesthat will drive the future.

  • Videos and articles introducing the everyday heroes just like you who are the backbone of the industry.

  • Timely webinars covering topics that matter for business today.

  • Fresh content including the latest news, learnings, and technologies in the industry.

  • Tools to find updates for IMTS 2022 and the exhibitors who are pushing technology and our future forward.

  • Opportunities to get involved – from events to sponsorships.

IMTS+ is officially launching this month with the release of one of its Network Original Series – “Manufacturing Explorers.” Brought to you by Mazak, the series follows father-son duo Travis and Max Egan as they travel to manufacturing facilities throughout the country.

In the first season of “Manufacturing Explorers,” Travis showed Max the biggest and best of manufacturing technology – from CNC machines to additive processes. For Season Two, we put Max in charge. As an intern at Burns & McDonnell, the largest design and construction firm in the power industry, Max gave his dad – and all their viewers – an inside look at the renewable energy future.

“Manufacturing Explorers” is just the beginning. Get ready for a constant stream of updated content and exciting IMTS+ premiere events throughout the summer as we all gear up for IMTS 2022 in September.

Discover some stories. Make some connections. Get inspired. And get involved. If you’ve got a story to tell, let us know! Send a note to Content@IMTS.com.

You’re Invited!

IMTS Network Original Premiere Event

Manufacturing Explorers

Join us as we unveil Season 2 of Manufacturing Explorers.

  • Binge watch the entire season

  • Discover some great manufacturing stories

  • Meet the stars

  • Get behind-the-scenes scoops

  • Connect with other viewers

Thursday, April 21, at 10 a.m. CT & 2 p.m. CT only on IMTS.com

Michelle Edmonson
Vice President, Exhibitions
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