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MTForecast Conference Brings Clarity to Manufacturing’s Economic Outlook

To help support better economic analysis and sales forecasting for manufacturing technology companies, AMT – The Association For Manufacturing Technology is gathering economists to share data and insights at MTForecast, held Oct. 12-14 in St. Louis.
Sep 26, 2022

Fluctuations in the manufacturing industry often leave technology providers wondering where the market is headed. Recession, inflation, and changing customer demands are all impacting the economy domestically and globally. To help clear up the confusion, AMT – The Association For Manufacturing Technology is gathering key economists to share data and insights at MTForecast, held Oct. 12-14 in St. Louis.

In support of better economic analysis and sales forecasting, MTForecast 2022 provides the opportunity to learn about different industry areas and turning data into intelligence for better business decisions.

“Manufacturing tech companies look to AMT to explain what's going on in the market, which is what we’ll do at MTForecast 2022,” says Chris Downs, Director of Audience Development at AMT. “Top economists will provide a realistic forecast with the straight facts to eliminate any confusion and indicate sales opportunities to capitalize on in the next couple years.”

MTForecast speaker Mark Killion, CFA, Director of US Industries at Oxford Economics, will focus on U.S. and global manufacturing and related sectors to describe the expected impacts on their profits and investment. Killion helps clients translate complex information and views into actionable strategies for capital allocation, investment rotation, and risk management.

“The key to successful business planning for the upcoming year is finding growth in a slowing economy,” Killion says. “Overall, most industries are experiencing a slowdown in growth rates, yet there are still some pockets of relatively higher growth than others. At MTForecast, we'll focus on those growth areas, look at the sources of demand, and determine how they will impact the manufacturing industry.”

Speaker Mike Ryan, Economics Director at S&P Global Market Intelligence, advises business executives on their competitive positioning and strategic planning using advanced analytics.He collects data from sources in business, finance, and government to strategically analyze industry investment opportunities and assess competitive positioning to make smarter capital allocation decisions.

“I’m cautiously optimistic about U.S. manufacturing because there are several factors at play, including the need for supply chain reliability to support reshoring, America’s energy competitiveness versus Europe and Japan, strong fiscal and policy support for high tech, and China’s waning wage advantage,” Ryan says.

Charles Gascon, Senior Economist in the Research division at the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, will be an additional speaker at MTForecast 2022. Gascon analyzes economic conditions nationally and in the Eighth Federal Reserve District. He reports on regional economic conditions to the Bank president and staff economists prior to Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) meetings.

For more details about MTForecast and to register to attend, visit the website.

Mark Killion, CFA
Director of US Industries
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