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Tech, Policy, Economic, and Demographic Intel for Manufacturing Leaders

Connect with industry leaders and gain insight on the factory of the future as well as economic, demographic, and policy insight at AMT’s MFG Meeting, April 26-28 in Phoenix, Az. Enjoy MFG’s vibrant networking events, workshops, golfing, and more!
Mar 01, 2023

Get answers to concerns about how economics, demographics, government policy,and emerging technologies will impact manufacturing business, and enjoy networking events, championship golf, world-class spa services, horseback riding, casinos, and more at AMT’s MFG 2023, April 26-28 in Phoenix, Arizona, at the Sheraton Grand at Wild Horse Pass

Powered by AMT and in partnership with NTMA, MFG 2023 is a unique meeting experience that provides unparalleled opportunities for executives of companies that make, sell, service, and use manufacturing. Experts in economics, demographics, technology, and policy will provide forecasts and insights that address the MFG 2023 theme: Manufacturing for Growth.  

Here’s a glimpse of the insight you’ll gain at this year’s MFG Meeting aswe caught up with four of the presenting experts. 

Why Attend?  “The face-to-face networking opportunities help me keep in touch with people I may not see in my normal business routine,” says Markus Stolmar, president and CEO of UNITED GRINDING North America. “The MFG Meeting is a great source for economic trend data, and it’s delivered in an easily digestible format.” 

“The information shared at MFG helps us serve our manufacturing partners and clients because it provides an opportunity to learn about industry trends,” says Anita Colvin, senior vice president and general manager for manufacturing vendor services at U.S. Bank, a past attendee and sponsor for MFG who will be attending again this year. “U.S. Bank sponsors MFG to make sure this event continues for years to come.” 

Factory of the Future and Importance of the Supplier Base  Discover how the factory of today becomes the factory of tomorrow with the entire value chain from Nick Bullen, chief engineer for advanced manufacturing technology at Northrop Grumman Corp. and Tim Shinbara, CTO at AMT. (More details coming in AMT Now.) 

Washington’s 2023 Manufacturing Agenda 

From taxes and tariffs to regulations, workforce, and America’s Supply chains, Omar Nashashibi, co-founder and partner of The Franklin Partnership, and Caitlin Sickles, partner at the Policy Resolution Group at Bracewell LLP, will present the latest policy developments from the nation’s capital and how it may help you grow your business. 

Demographics  Ken Gronbach, president and CEO of KGC Direct, will present “Demographic Strategies for the Post Corona Era.” He’ll examine China’s announcement about its dropping population and how it’s going to open unprecedented opportunities in North American manufacturing for the next couple decades.  

Gronbach will share details about how changing demographics worldwide are creating uncertainties and how U.S. manufacturing needs to be prepared to adopt new technologies such as robotics and automation to capture market share. 

Economics  Keynote speaker Alan Beaulieu, Ph.D., president of ITR Economics, will present “Gauging the Risks Going Forward 2023 – 2024.”With the U.S. and global economies going through turbulent times, coupled with inflation, interest rates, consumer activity, labor shortage, and COVID echoes, contradictory headlines can make it difficult to discern what the future will look like.  

Beaulieu will provide a data-driven analysis of the trends to show what to expect for key industries and areas of interest in manufacturing, such as the supply chain and commodity pricing. 

All Work and No Play? Not at MFG!  With an agenda full of industry trends and outlooks, you’ll want to balance absorbing all this business intelligence with a whole lot of fun! Held at the Sheraton Grand at Wild Horse Pass, the MFG Meeting offers a variety of activities to enjoy and relax. Explore the championship golf course, themed swimming pools, equestrian center, boating, casinos, and more. The venue also features Aji, a Native American-owned, Forbes Five-Star spa, reflecting the traditions of the Pima and Maricopa cultures.  

For more details about MFG 2023 and to register to attend, visit the website. 

Bonnie Gurney
Vice President, Strategic Partnerships
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