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AMT Tech Report: Issue #226

‘Hands-off’ training. Arm institute calls for AI survey participants. Forget the G-Wagon and the Supra – Magna wants to make delivery robots now! Amazon's plan to purchase Cloostermans. But seriously.
Sep 17, 2022

Parts should always serve more than one purpose. Any part serving just a single purpose is excess weight.

– John Britten

1. ‘Hands-Off’ Training

I had to read that again. “Taking the initiative from the training of professionals in other critical occupations, such as commercial pilots, Hexagon has created a ‘hands-on’ professional training solution for 3 and 5 axis machines, Mill-Turn and Coordinate Measuring Machines that is ‘hands-off’ the expensive physical equipment.” A simulator that teaches students about the different aspects of machine operation, the HxGN Machine Trainer provides a hands-off machine training experience that can be beneficial for those who are new to the machines they’re being trained to use. Interested? Coulda seent it last week at IMTS!

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2. ARM Institute Calls for AI Survey Participants

BTW, speaking of IMTS 2022 – and as exhibitors are moving out and the dust is settling (they should be moved out by the time you’re reading this … or AMT will receive a nice big bill, probably) – AMT Vice President of Global Robotics Andra Keay was quick to inform the team that quite a bit has gone down in the world of robotics and automation during the show! Let’s take a look and start with the Advanced Robotics for Manufacturing (ARM) Institute. 

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3. Forget the G-Wagon and the Supra – Magna Wants To Make Delivery Robots Now!

Magna, a global automotive supplier, has entered into a deal with Cartken, a delivery robot manufacturer, to produce thousands of robots. The robots will be used for last-mile delivery, which is the final step of the delivery process that gets goods to the customer's door. This is a significant partnership, as it will help to further solidify the delivery robot industry.

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4. Amazon's Plan To Purchase Cloostermans

Amazon plans to purchase Cloostermans, a mechatronics company, in order to expand its warehouse efforts. Cloostermans specializes in automated systems and has experience working with Amazon. The deal is expected to help Amazon improve its automated warehouses, speed up order fulfillment, and further strengthen Bezos’ robotic military force to take over the world from space.

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5. But Seriously

Amazon’s actually making some really cool and technologically progressive moves – like announcing four new systems to ease ergonomics for its workers. The systems include an automated cart that follows workers as they move around a warehouse, a robotic arm that helps workers lift heavy objects, and a conveyor belt system that helps workers move items from one place to another. The systems are designed to help workers avoid injuries and to improve productivity toward world domination.

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Stephen LaMarca
Technology Analyst
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