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AMT Tech Report: Issue #305

The biggest keeps getting bigger. Robots have feelings. Machine learning is where the real action is. Manufacturing a greener future. Movie industry is the bleed edge.
May 03, 2024

“Your present circumstances don't determine where you can go; they merely determine where you start.”

Nido Qubein

1. The Biggest Keeps Getting Better

Large-scale manufacturing has always been fascinating to me. I remember the Strati from IMTS 2014 as an amazing achievement in scale. It still is, but it was then, too. We are at an interesting intersection where manufacturing processes can drive new changes to large-scale parts. How about something as big as 96 feet by 32 feet by 18 feet? That's right: I said feet – not inches! Also, it is pretty cool to see manufacturing technology being recognized by the Guinness World Records.

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2. Robots Have Feelings

Starting from scratch can be hard as you narrow the daunting sea of ideas to a manageable set. Luckily, leveraging predictive machine learning (ML) models can speed up the process. In manufacturing, where the need for unique materials is growing, ML has a big impact on material sciences, accelerating the design process of materials from scratch.

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3. Machine Learning Is Where the Real Action Is

No, they are not. But there is a wave of more robust and more sustainable materials in development. The days of picking a material from an existing collection and hoping it works are quickly coming to an end. The age of the material revolution is underway. This is due to the intersection of simulation tools and high-performance computing.

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4. Manufacturing a Greener Future

End products do not last forever. But by leveraging advanced manufacturing technologies, these parts can be designed and made to last longer than before. Longer-lasting parts can provide significant benefits to manufacturers, such as lower maintenance and replacement costs, reduced material waste, and enhanced sustainability – and best of all, increased value.

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5. Movie Industry Is the Bleed Edge

From robotic arms on cameras to 3D printing props from a 3D scan, the movie industry is a fascinating sector of advanced design and manufacturing. This video shows tailor-made costumes, demonstrating that the pipeline to achieving bespoke components is robust. Also, exposing manufacturing processes is great marketing. I watched the entire video and will watch the movie.

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Benjamin Moses
Director, Technology
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