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International News From the Field: China

The big news today is the opening of CIMT 2021 in Beijing. We have an AMT/USA pavilion at the show featuring 31 participating members. To celebrate, here are some real-time visuals of our first day at CIMT.  
Apr 12, 2021

China’s PMI for March was 51.9, a point-and-a-half increase from February. All indicators in the major verticals that consume manufacturing technology remain quite strong as China continues to excel in the post-pandemic environment. 

The big news today is the opening of CIMT 2021 in Beijing, China. We have an AMT/USA pavilion at the show featuring 31 participating members. To celebrate the shift back to business as usual, we are taking a break from the usual industry intelligence data to bring you some real-time visuals of our first day at CIMT.  

There are dozens and dozens of manufacturing technology shows around the globe, and all were either canceled or postponed during the pandemic. CIMT is the first of the “majors,” of which there are about a half dozen, to resume its in-person event. This is a milestone, as the manufacturing community itches to get back to show networking, lead generation, and offering opportunities to see the latest and greatest developments in technology. It is an exciting turn of events for us at AMT as we are already knee-deep in preparation for IMTS 2022 (www.imts.com). We hope this brief look at CIMT 2021 will whet your appetite for more events as we move toward a full and healthy recovery. Enjoy! 

Edward Christopher
Vice President, Global Services
Recent international News
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With a forecasted 8.1% GDP growth for 2021, China saw the first quarter GDP jump 18% YOY due to the low base of 2020. The manufacturing PMI has remained above 50 for more than a year and is expected to stay that way....
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