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Invigorate Your Hiring Process

Has finding qualified employees become an all-consuming headache for your company? If you answered yes, you must attend recruiting expert Chris Czarnik’s presentation on proven strategies for attracting talent at AMT’s 2022 MFG Meeting, April 27-30.
Apr 19, 2022

Has finding qualified employees become an all-consuming headache for your company? If you answered yes, you must attend recruiting expert Chris Czarnik’s presentation on proven strategies for attracting talent at AMT’s 2022 MFG Meeting, April 27-30, in Bonita Springs, Florida.

With decades of experience that comes from both sides of the hiring equation, Czarnik, the CEO of Career [RE]Search Group, as well as a corporate human resources and career coach, knows the frustrations of trying to find people to fill positions, especially in the manufacturing industry. In his MFG Meeting presentation “Winning the Talent War,” he will share powerful and creative solutions that are easy to implement.

“I teach companies how to drop a carton of rainbow sherbet in the middle of the vanilla ice cream aisle of job ads,” said Czarnik.

Czarnik will share his many proven strategies about:

  • Why you should look at potential employees the same way you look at customers

  • How to use your current employees as a valuable tool to find new ones

  • How to develop a personality profile for the applicants you seek

  • Why salary is not the most effective way to attract talent today

The Hiring Equation Has Changed

“Don’t fret over the great resignation you keep hearing about – employees are just trading up for new jobs,” said Czarnik. “In today’s job market, they know they’re in demand, and they’re changing how they approach their employers and jobs.”

The key is to know how to shine a light on your company and be able to communicate how you will meet the needs of job applicants in this new seller’s market.

Meet Applicants Where They Are

According to Czarnik, companies cannot win the talent war with money because Gen Xers and millennials are looking beyond salary. He will identify the many attributes employees are looking for in their jobs today, such as new challenges, growth opportunities, more flexibility, or more structure, and share tips on how to develop ads to target these needs.

Become a Hunter of Talent

If companies begin to think about job applicants the way they think of customers, they’ll start to recruit applicants differently. “Companies know a ton about the last three customers they landed – why they became unhappy with their prior vendor, what their pain points are, and why they chose to look elsewhere,” said Czarnik. “Businesses need to recruit employees with the same zest and research that they used to find their last customer.”

Build a Persona Based on Current Employees

Finally, Czarnik will teach attendees how to interview their own employees to build a persona of their ideal applicant for every job and how to use this to recruit new employees.

“MFG presentations always give me something that I can take back to the office and use to help us grow a little more and do things a bit better.” – Neil McGill, Allendale Machinery Systems

AMT’s MFG Meeting brings together manufacturing technology leaders to address key business challenges, identify opportunities, and provide actionable solutions. Speakers cover a wide range of topics, including economics, emerging technology, supply chain, leadership, and politics. 

“Bringing in the next generation is critical for every manufacturer right now. The younger generation is tech savvy, but they're often not familiar with the field until we introduce it to them. Working with that next generation takes a lot of time, but it's worth the investment.” Sean Gilmore, Engis Corporation.

The MFG Meeting takes place April 27-30 in Bonita Springs, Florida.  This unique meeting experience provides many opportunities to network with executives from companies that make, sell, service, and support manufacturing technology. We look forward to seeing you there!

Chris Czarnik
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