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Ready to Create Your 2024 Business Plan? Get the Info You Need at MTForecast 2023

The MTForecast conference gives manufacturing leaders the industry insights, economic forecasts, and marketing data for they need to make smart business decisions.
Aug 14, 2023

A rapidly changing global manufacturing environment and conflicting information in the media hamper strategic decision-making. To cut through the clutter and make sense of the leading forecast data, AMT – The Association for Manufacturing Technology will gather industry experts to share the latest economic outlooks and market trends at MTForecast, held Oct. 4-6 in Detroit.  

MTForecast is a unique opportunity to learn about the immediate and longer-term trends impacting manufacturing so industry leaders, executives, and decision makers can identify future investments, potential risks, and growth opportunities. 

“Talk of recession, inflation, and next year’s presidential election are leaving manufacturers with a lot of questions and creating anxiety for AMT members,” says Chris Downs, director of audience development at AMT. “MTForecast is the one-stop resource they need to get expert perspectives on these topics and prepare their business plan for the upcoming year.” 

MTForecast features interactive workshops and expert presentations about best practices in business strategy, data, and marketing. Networking events provide opportunities to make valuable business connections in a fun and relaxing environment.   

“One can search the internet for many things, but to have leaders of the industry share their combined experiences and to be ready for any questions the audience might have, that’s the best time ever spent at any industry conference,” says past MTForecast attendee Robby Komljenovic, chairman and CEO at Acieta.  Key speakers and presentations at MTForecast 2023 include: 

For more details about MTForecast and to register to attend, visit the website

Christopher Downs
Director, Audience Development
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