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SMMs Must Embrace Smart Manufacturing to Survive

Smart Manufacturing Experience focuses on the challenges facing SMMs. The event is intended to help SMMs leverage the power of smart technologies to improve their bottom lines and advance manufacturing operations in real time.
May 06, 2022

Though smart manufacturing and Industry 4.0 may seem like new industry buzzwords, the term “smart manufacturing” was actually coined 15 years ago, in 2007, when it was first used at a National Science Foundation workshop.

The concept of smart manufacturing has expanded a lot since that workshop, and now serves as the basis of the fourth industrial revolution. As we mark the 15th anniversary of smart manufacturing technologies, we are also witnessing how adoption of these technologies within the industry is changing.

Smart manufacturing covers a wide range of technologies, from autonomous robots to artificial intelligence to the industrial internet of things. When first introduced, these technologies were almost exclusively deployed at large manufacturing companies, as they were too expensive and time-consuming for smaller operations.

Small- and medium-sized manufacturers (SMMs) didn’t have the capabilities to deploy these advanced technologies, and for many the return on investment just wasn’t there. But now that’s changed. Manufacturers of all sizes need to undergo a digital transformation and begin adopting smart technologies not only to stay competitive in the future, but to simply survive.

Despite the necessity to implement smart technologies, SMMs are still faced with barriers that prevent them from receiving all the benefits offered by these technologies. These barriers include skilled labor shortages, lack of interoperability through proprietary systems, rapidly advancing technology, cybersecurity concerns, and scalability constraints.

These challenges to SMMs are the focus of Smart Manufacturing Experience. This event is intended to help SMMs leverage the power of smart technologies to improve their bottom lines and advance manufacturing operations in real time.

Smart Manufacturing Experience is a joint effort by SME, AMT, CESMII, and AMI. SMMs who attend this event can find actionable solutions to challenges. If you know digital transformation is a necessary step for your small- or medium-sized manufacturing company, now is the time to implement disruptive technologies. Attend Smart Manufacturing Experience to identify smart technologies that can decrease downtime, manage change, provide powerful insights into your operations, and ensure the future of your business. Register now and claim a free exhibit hall pass.

Dave Morton
Group Director, Events
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