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Strengthening Manufacturing Technology in Mexico

AMT - The Association For Manufacturing Technology and the Mexican Association of Mold, Die and Tool Manufacturing (AMMMT) recently signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to enhance technological acumen among Mexican companies and their employees.
Aug 18, 2023

AMT - The Association For Manufacturing Technology and the Mexican Association of Mold, Die and Tool Manufacturing (AMMMT) recently signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to promote best practices in technology deployment and technical training in the mold and die sector in Latin America. The organizations signed the MOU in June at the FITMA (Feria Internacional de Tecnología y Manufactura) technology and manufacturing trade fair. 

The MOU is a demonstration of support for AMMMT´s membership to procure manufacturing technology that strengthens their sector. The memorandum will allow AMMMT to better compete and serve the Mexican market for mold and die manufacturing technology providers and potentially increase domestic consumption. Currently sales average around $3.5 billion every year. 

Additionally, the MOU calls for cooperation that will help AMMMT’s membership deepen their technical knowledge through participation in a Manufacturing Process Assessment (MPA), conducted by the AMT Technology Center, located in Monterrey, Mexico. The exercise consists of plant visits and recommendations for developing a report and gap analysis of what is needed to increase locally made mold and dies in accordance with other industrialized economies. 

“The execution and implementation of the MOU will allow AMMMT and its membership to overcome the learning curve of an industry sector that started expanding in Mexico in the last five years,” says Lorena Bustamante, vice president of AMMMT. 

Furthermore, as AMT seeks to align market entry strategies with its membership, the initiative will provide intelligence to the association about equipment and technology solutions required by members of AMMMT.  

“The market intelligence helps AMT understand Mexico’s needs and increases AMMMT’s knowledge and participation; in turn, that helps to grow the tool and die market in Mexico,” says Carlos Mortera, senior director, Latin America at AMT.  

“One of AMT’s responsibilities is to bring end users of technology closer to the best practices in the use of technology and management models,” adds Mortera. “This opens the door to AMT members to offer their latest equipment.” 

Juan Benavente, president of AMMMT, stressed that companies in the manufacturing technology sector recognize that the best way to grow, acquire knowledge, share data, and buy machinery is to do it with those who are considered partners. AMMMT and its more than 65 members fall under this categorization. 

“As an association, we seek to nurture direct contact with manufacturing technology companies,” says Benavente. “The metalworking sector in Mexico is very dynamic and represents 20% of Mexico’s GDP, and the mold and die sector is experiencing aggressive growth. This requires current players and newcomers to invest in state-of-the-art machinery and technology, as well as take advantage of the best practices related to technical training and operations management. This is why we see a tremendous benefit signing the MOU.” 

To explore how AMT can help you learn more about the mold and die manufacturing market in Mexico, please contact Carlos Mortera at CMortera@amtonline.org.   

Edward Christopher
Vice President, Global Services
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