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Why Are AMT Members Going to AMT’s MFG Meeting + The MTForecast Conference?

At AMT’s MFG Meeting + The MTForecast conference, Nov. 2-5, 2021, in Denver, Colorado, you’ll hear from some very intelligent and passionate speakers about economic, marketing, and technology trends tailored for the advanced manufacturing industry.
Oct 05, 2021

At AMT’s MFG Meeting + The MTForecast conference, Nov. 2-5, 2021, in Denver, Colorado, you’ll hear from some very intelligent and passionate speakers about economic, marketing, and technology trends tailored for the advanced manufacturing industry. You’ll also hear some great stories, have fun networking, and celebrate a couple industry titans. 

But don’t take my word for it. Read on to find out why Greg Knox, Knox Machinery CEO; Bethany Patterson, Okuma market analyst; Matthew Bain, Mazak marketing and analytics manager; and Tom Clark, former Index president and CEO, rely on these events to prepare strategic business plans and enhance their network. See an overview of the conference agenda.

Greg Knox, CEO, Knox Machinery

“We do very robust strategic planning. For nearly 20 years, the information from MTForecast has served as the backbone of my plan. I have found the economic forecasting to be very accurate.  

“Oxford Economics presents a macro view of the global economy; and even though I am a small company in Ohio, I am impacted by global trends. Alan Beaulieu from ITR presents a more micro view, looking at the business cycle in the next four quarters in terms of areas of contraction and expansion.  

“The vertical market experts in sectors such as oil & gas, aerospace, automotive, and others are also top-notch and provide keen insight as they live in those niches. We target industries based on this information and adjust proactively on the data we get from these sessions. It affects our hiring decisions, investment decisions, inventory decisions, and more. 

“I’ve built relationships with many of the presenters. I am able to pick up the phone and ask them questions.”

Selected Economic Sessions

  • Industry Outlook Impact on Manufacturing Technology Mark Killion, CFA, director of U.S. Industries, Oxford Economics

  • A Regional Deep Dive in the Gardner Business Index and 2022 Capital Spending Michael Guckes, chief economist/director of analytics, Gardner Business Media

  • Planning and Navigating with Assurance Alan Beaulieu, Ph.D., president, ITR Economics

Bethany Patterson, Market Analyst, Okuma

“Presentations by industry experts and economists are the highlights. Of particular value to us are the industry-specific presentations on oil production and the automotive industry, which forecast changes in the market we can expect to see and the general timeline. 

“Presentations prompt us to do more research into how changes will impact the key players in these industries, and which products will be best suited to fill the changing needs in these markets.

“We value hearing a variety of perspectives and use the information on market forecasts as a component in developing or adjusting our business plans for the coming year.”

Industry-Specific Sessions

  • The Global Automotive Outlook and the Disruptive Forces Shaping the Future Joseph McCabe, president and CEO, AutoForecast Solutions LLC

  • Winning the Space Race Kristin Liwag, executive director, Morgan Stanley

  • Energy Outlook Tanya Bodell, executive director, Energyzt

  • Cutting Tool Demand – Where will your customers be? Scott Hazelton, director, construction, IHS Markit

Customized Experience

Whether you are exhibiting at IMTS, need details on how the new EPA Toxic Substances Control Act affects your company, or want projections on infrastructure spending or electric vehicle production, this conference covers the essentials because it is developed by your peers, including AMT member Matthew Bain.

Matthew Bain, Marketing and Analytics Manager, Mazak Corporation

“I’ve been attending MTForecast for about seven years. We use the information to help develop our North American strategic business plan.

"As a member of AMT’s Economics & Statistics Committee, which helps develop the content of MTForecast, I can say that we work hard to make sure we are meeting the needs of attendees, including reviewing conference evaluations.

“The conference added breakout tracks in the past several years to meet the needs of different attendees, so you can customize your experience. We listen to that feedback and bring back people and topics that receive the most favorable evaluations.”

Tom Clark, Former President and CEO, Index

“The MFG Meeting is an ideal opportunity to interact with experts and industry leaders to hear how emerging technologies like additive manufacturing, automation, and artificial intelligence are making an impact. It’s also a great environment for networking to understand what changes people are making, to share approaches to workforce and supply chain challenges.”

Selected Sessions on Tech Trends, Data, Supply Chain, Marketing and Sales, Politics

  • The Power of Data Storytelling – 3 Simple Steps to Go from Info to Insights Mico Yuk, co-founder/CEO BI Brains & Analytics on Fire

  • Ransom and Then Some: a Cyber Security Forecast for Manufacturing Technology Rich Mason, president and chief security officer, Critical Infrastructure

  • The Need for a New Purchasing Paradigm Paul Ericksen, former chief procurement officer, Industry Week’s Supply Chain Initiatives, and Ryan Kelly, general manager – AMT San Francisco Tech Lab

  • The Power of Connection Colette Carlson, human behavior speaker

  • Larry Sabato’s Crystal Ball: Biden’s First Year Larry Sabato, director, UVA Center for Politics and Author 

  • Future of Manufacturing: Evolution? or Revolution? Titan Gilroy, CEO, TITANS of CNC Inc.

Not Just Sessions but Networking and Celebrations Too!

In addition to the insightful sessions on economic, tech, marketing, and political trends, this three-day event is packed with networking receptions. It concludes with the Al Moore Awards Dinner and Dance, honoring two longtime industry legends. (You’ll have to attend to find out who we are honoring.)

From Greg Knox on The MFG Meeting

"I have attended The MFG Meeting numerous times over the past decades, and it is always a great investment of both time and money. From industry insights to forecasting and eclectic breakout sessions. What I value most is all the great long-term relationships I have made that began years ago, networking at this event."

Get Set for Success

You don’t want to miss AMT’s largest event of 2021. The forecasts, industry-specific insights, and connections you make at this combined event are unparalleled. While many of our manufacturers see incredible growth this year, the industry still wrestles with supply chain, workforce, and trade issues. Attending this joint conference will give you the understanding you need to address these threats and set up for success in 2022 and beyond. 

We hope to see you in Denver, Nov 2-5. Register to attend AMT’s 2021 MFG Meeting and MTForecast conference, a unique event specifically tailored to the manufacturing technology industry.

Christopher Downs
Director, Audience Development
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