Locating Safety Standards

Electronic ANSI B11 safety standards can be purchased on AMT's website.

International Standards on Machine Tool Safety

ISO/TC 39 (machine tool engineering standards) maintains a subcommittee (SC10) with the express purpose of fast tracking (under the Vienna Agreement) CEN/TC 143 machine tool safety standards as ISO standards.  For additional information, contact Paul Warndorf at pwarndorf@AMTonline.org.

JIC Standards

JIC (Joint Industrial Council) Standards were written in the early 1950s by a joint committee of major machine tool builders and users. The purpose was to provide a uniform set of basic practices which would result in a well-built machine tool. Four standards were written: Electrical (EMP-1-67/EGP-1-67); Electronic EL-11-1971); Hydraulic (H-1-1973); and Pneumatic (P-1-1975).

During the 1980s, the JIC committees became dormant and AMT (NMTBA at the time), which served as the secretariat for these committees, contacted the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) to update and incorporate the JIC electrical standards into their standards development activity. Also, the National Fluid Power Association (NFPA) was contacted regarding the update and incorporation of the hydraulic and pneumatic standards into their standards work.

As a result of this effort, the National Fire Protection Association issued the NFPA 79 Electrical Standard for Industrial Machinery, and the National Fluid Power Association published Hydraulic Fluid Power - Systems Standard for Stationary Industrial Machinery (ANSI/NFPA/JIC T2.24.1) and Pneumatic Fluid Power - Systems Standard for Industrial Machinery (ANSI/B93.114M).

Copies of the now obsolete JIC standards are no longer available. All of the superseding standards can be obtained from:

    • NSSN of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) at phone: 212-642-4980 or fax: 212-302-1286 or web site: www.nssn.org
    • The standards originating organizations NFPA (electrical), phone: 617-770-3000 or 800-344-3555, and NFPA (fluid power), phone: 414-778-3344. 
If you have any additional questions regarding JIC standards, please contact the Technology Department of AMT at 703-827-5274.

Electrical Standards for Industrial Machinery (NFPA 79)

ANSI/NFPA 79, the American electrical standard for industrial machinery, has undergone major changes to bring the standard closer to harmonization with the International electrical standard on manufacturing equipment IEC 60204-1. As a representative of AMT members, the Technology Department is a participant on the ANSI/NFPA 79 committee.

If you have questions or comments concerning this standard, call Paul Warndorf, AMT’s Vice President-Technology, at 703-827-5291 or e-mail: pwarndorf@AMTonline.org

For additional information or to request a Formal Interpretation of the standard, as well as proposing amendments for Committee consideration, write to the Secretary, Standards Council, National Fire Protection Association, 1 Batterymarch Park, P.O. Box 9101, Quincy, MA 02269-9101, telephone number is 617-770-3000.

International Electrical Standard For Industrial Equipment

The International electrical safety standard for industrial equipment is IEC 60204-1. This standard provides nations a common standard for the electrical design of manufacturing equipment. AMT plays an important role in providing member input to this harmonization effort.

AMT members are encouraged to participate in these development efforts or provide comments and recommendations for change, please contact the Vice President–Technology, Paul Warndorf, at 703-827-5291 or e-mail: pwarndorf@AMTonline.org.