The Association For Manufacturing Technology (AMT) members make, sell, service, and support cutting-edge technology in a global market. AMT's goal is to provide the programs and services that will grow members' businesses in every facet--product innovation, market expansion, employee development - and to represent and promote members and the manufacturing technology (MT) industry to the world at large. 

Your AMT membership is a company membership. When your company becomes a member, every employee at that location is able to utilize AMT’s benefits and services.


U.S. based firms that design, build, sell, and/or service manufacturing technology and can be designated into one or more of the following business activities:

  • U.S. Manufacturing Technology Builder – your product is manufactured in the USA
  • Foreign Manufacturing Technology Builder – foreign manufacturer with a business entity in the USA
  • Manufacturing Technology Master Distributor – independent importer of foreign builder product lines distributed/sold in the USA
  • U.S. Manufacturing Technology Distributor – a business that sells and/or services the product lines of U.S. Builders, Foreign Builders, and Master Distributors to the end user of those products




Research & Education Affiliates are U.S. educational institutions, organizations, and centers that have a program structured to aid in the advancement of the manufacturing technology industry and the ongoing development of a U.S. Smartforce.

Commercial Affiliates are U.S. based firms engaged in the manufacturing technology industry, i.e. media or publishing, financial services providers, etc.