Top 7 Mistakes Manufactures Could
Avoid When Choosing A Mist Collection Systems.

  • Incorrectly systems sizing: not enough or too much CFM
  • Investing in lowest cost units because it’s better than nothing
  • Setting the CFM too high, which pulls more liquid and chips instead of collecting mist
  • Not using pre-separation to remove? and recover coolants
  • Not maintaining their system
  • Premature filter failure from using the wrong filter for the application or lower cost filters to save a few bucks.
  • Leaking ductwork because of wrong routing methods, discount materials or inferior installation procedures? 
  • A mist collection system that shakes, rattles, vibrates and is very noisy…

Introducing The Stealth & The Eliminator

Filtra-Systems is proud to announce it’s newest line of supercharged, application oriented and worry-free Mist Collection Systems which are being installed, used and appreciated worldwide. 

The Stealth and The Eliminator, when combined, are designed, engineered and proven to safely and easily remove highly toxic oil mist, oil smoke, fumes and dust in and from your metalworking areas while recovering 99.1% of your metalworking coolants and fluids for reuse.

In fact, these coolant mist system are engineered to a strict set of standards for performance, leading to a powerful filtration system that is the easiest to maintain, most reliable and the quietest in the industry. In fact, we 110% guarantee every system we make will never leak. (Ask for full details)  

Whether you are using soluble, synthetic, neat oil coolants, or MQL applications, you’ll find we almost always have the right combination of filters to help you clean your air faster and better as well as:

  • ·    Providing Cleaner Air For Workers, Reducing The Adverse Effects Of Exposure To Metalworking Fluids And Mist.
  • ·    Fastest Easiest Filter Replacement
  • ·    Recovering 99% Of Metal Working Fluids Before Filtering Dramatically Reducing Your Coolant Costs…
  • ·    Eliminating Trapped Oil In Ventilation Systems Ductwork Increasing HVAC Efficiency While Lowering Your Heating And Cooling Costs
  • ·    Dramatically Improve Your Metalworking Environment, While Actually Lowering Costs.
  • ·    Protecting You Sensitive Electronic Machine Controls
  • ·    Helping Prevent Accidents Caused By Slippery Floors.
  • ·    Enabling You To Run Your Machines At Higher Speeds Increasing Output
  • ·    Improving Manufacturing And Parts Quality
  • ·    And That’s Just The Tip Of The Iceberg…

These Mist Collectors WORK Hard For You!

The Stealth and The Eliminator mist collectors will be configured to effectively remove and reclaim any type and concentration of coolant. And, when the Stealth system is used in conjunction with our patented first stage separator (The Eliminator), as much as 99.1% of coolants can be reclaimed.
These Stealth & Eliminator mist collectors are completely modular, giving you the flexibility of a variety of sizes and filter configurations, which can be delivered and installed quickly and easily.
Here are the three strategies most metalworking manufacturing facilities use for their mist collection and coolant recovery:

  1. Single machine,
  2. Group collection. A collector serving a 2 to 5 machines, or
  3. Centralized mist collector serving 12 to 20 machines in an area. 

These three mist collection strategies each have pros and cons. Deciding which to choose is your first step to a successful and profitable mist collection system. 
Filtra-Systems’ team of expert application engineers are excited to share these strategies and options with you because there are advantages and disadvantages of each system.
We’re here to help you decide which systems will get you the best results with the lowest capital investment. And, we’re happy to help customize your system based on the demands and specifications of your systems and facility. 

Sounds good, right? Give us a call now at 248-427-9090 and discover more about these tested, proven and highly efficient mist collection and coolant recovery systems.

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“The Stealth is well built, quiet, easy to maintain. They are a workhorse and do exactly what they are built and designed for. I would recommend these Stealth mist collectors to anyone” - Jesse Hassemer, Wstfab LLC

“The Stealth is a cost effective solution. These units do not wear out and maintenance costs are minimal. The machine shop no longer has mist / smoke floating around in the air and when the machine door opens the operator no longer gets this mist/smoke in their face.”  - Paul Hartmann, Kohler